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Welcome to Employee Wellness

Wellness is more than just not being sick…
It’s having hope and a sense of humor.
It’s feeling good and having enough energy.
It’s fitness of mind, body and spirit that you
pursue in your own way.
Source: National Wellness Institute

Wellness is a way of living—eating a healthful diet, being physically active and managing one’s well-being every day. Everyone takes different steps to enhance their health and well-being.

The WVU Division of Human Resources is committed to supporting employee wellness efforts by making it easier for faculty and staff to learn about and use resources available to them. Putting a priority on wellness will help build a healthier WVU workforce—a benefit for everyone.

Platinum Achievement, 2013

Fit-Friendly Worksites are recognized by the American Heart Association for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace. Companies are rewarded for their progressive leadership and their concern for their staff by going above and beyond when it comes to their employees’ health.